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“Visual Deception U”at Bunkamura

Aug 29, 2014

Dear friends,

I had the chance to visit “Visual Deception U” with my family the other day. My kids are normally not so enthusiastic about visiting museums and art exhibitions but this one was different! They checked out the website by themselves and surprisingly asked me if they could go. Why in the world would a Mother want to kill their curiosity??? I arranged for the tickets right away

***start of quote***
Visual Deception U
Into the future

Sat. August 9 – Sun. October 5, 2014
* 9/8 closed

2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-8507
Tel: 03-3477-9111 (switchboard)
In the history of art, the genre of “Trompe l'oeil,” with devices that play tricks on the spectators’ eyes, is a well-established feature. This exhibition is the sequel to the Visual Deception exhibition held in 2009, Trick Art Exhibition, which broadly traced the history of the genre. While the previous exhibition emphasized the historical development of the genre of Trompe l'oeil, this time we focus on the evolution of the techniques of illusion in modern art as it branches out into many different streams. We’ve chosen works that are visually interesting as well as excellent in terms of artistry. Also, we divided visual tricks into categories such as “trompe-l’oeil,” “shadows,” “op illusions,” “anamorphosis” and “metamorphosis”; we exhibit new approaches to modern “Trompe l'oeil” along with the achievements of the established masters.
***end of quote***
Naturally, I was not able to take pictures in the museum but I can assure you they were amazing! Kids were constantly asking me, “which part of this masterpiece is visually deceiving??”

We rented an “Audio-Guide” so that we would be able to get a better understanding of the masterpieces, which turned out to be a very good experience for the kids.

This is what my kids bought as a souvenir for themselves.
A pen that looks like an injector and a mechanical pencil

It is worth visiting even if you are not an artistic person!
Ciao, Elena


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Tamori Cup Fukuoka

Aug 26, 2014

The other day I participated in what is called the “Tamori Cup,” a yacht race sponsored by Tamori, (Kazuyoshi Morita) a well-known Japanese celebrity who sails on yachts as a hobby.


Tamori has a long history with Fuji TV, due to his variety show “Waratte Iitomo!” that was aired on Fuji TV for a total of 32 years and received two Guinness World Records. One for the main host Tamori, who marked the record for the longest continued hosting of a live television program and another for the show itself, as the live variety show that aired the most shows, 8,054 total to be exact.

The “Tamori Cup” initially began 5 years ago in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture. Since then, its scale has grown gradually, and now the event has become Japan’s largest yacht race. Beginning last year, the event has been held in Yokohama and Tamori’s hometown Fukuoka as well. This time, I took part in the Fukuoka race that was held on August 15th and 16th.

The night before the race, a party was held at a special venue at the yacht harbor and about 1,000 people showed up to enjoy the BBQ. There was a huge downpour on the day, but the crowd was oblivious, everyone having a blast together. We raised our Tamori Cup beer bottles for a toast!


The crowd went wild and reached the highest point when Tamori’s favorite salsa band, ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ began their live performance.


The big race came on the following day.
The qualifications to take part in the race included things like “those with a sense of humor” and “those who don’t complain,” which accurately described the fun-filled race, much like Tamori’s character. Over 100 yachts sailed the Hakata Bay.


After the top winners were presented at the awards ceremony, Tamori shouted out his usual phrase from the show. “Will you come again next year?” The crowd shouted back, “Iitomo-!” meaning “sure we will!” and with that, the event came to an end.


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The Employees’ Cafeteria at Odaiba New World

Aug 22, 2014

There’s only a few more remaining days of summer vacation, but I hope you’ve been enjoying it to the fullest while it’s still here. Our annual summer event Odaiba New World is still going on strong and has been attracting many guests. The event will end on August 31, so now we are putting out our last spurt toward the final day. If you haven’t had the chance to visit us yet so far, please come by and say hello!
As you know, Odaiba New World is filled with a variety of fun exciting games, entertaining events, and live stage performances. After you explore all the entertainment and excitement with these attractions, it’s time to enjoy another type of fun: food!
As introduced in the previous posts, there’s an outside dining area on the premise our headquarters buildings with an assortment of food stalls offering a variety of traditional regional dishes around Japan. Also, located at Doki Doki Island is Izakaya Exile Park where you can enjoy a mouth-watering selection of delicious food and drinks. But actually there’s one more place I highly recommend for you to check out; and that is…the Employees' Cafeteria on the 18th floor of our headquarters!
As the name suggests, the cafeteria is usually open only to staff and employees of Fuji Television. However, on Saturdays and Sundays during the event period, it’s open to all visitors of Odaiba New World. This spacious cafeteria can seat as many as 178 people, and its most attractive feature is the panoramic view which I can say is one of the best amongst the most spectacular views of Tokyo. You will be able to admire the breathtaking views of the Rainbow Bridge spanning Tokyo Bay, both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, not to mention the Tokyo skyline itself and back.


The meal plan menu features 3 selections that you can choose from: Omlette with a filling of herb chicken and rice, Spicy pilaf with beef ribs; and Beef braised in red wine with buttered rice. They are 880 yen each. In addition, they also provide tasty desserts such as soft-served ice cream.


Offering hearty delicious meals with magnificent views, the Employees’ Cafeteria can satisfy both your eyes and palate. So I hope you’ll come check it out with your friends, family and loved ones for a memorable dining experience.
* Open Days:  Saturday Aug. 23
                      Sunday, Aug. 24
                      Saturday, August 30
                      Sunday, August 31
* Open Hours: 9:00am – last orders at 5pm


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Hacchy at Odaiba New World

Aug 19, 2014

Hello Friends,
For Tokyoites, it seems that we have finally come half way across summer, although the heat has not let down one bit. The only salvation for me at the moment is the faint scent of autumn, detectable on random days that are less hot and humid.
Our annual summer event, “Odaiba New World” has only 12 more days to go and before it’s gone for good, I’d like to introduce to you our adorable newborn character, Hacchy! Those of you who have had the chance to visit the event may already be familiar with this cute and round animal, but for those who aren’t, please allow me to give you a brief introduction.

 Hacchy is a mystical creature who was born from an unidentifiable egg that was found in “Odaiba New World” on a day that had the number 8 in it. (Hint: Fuji TV is broadcast on terrestrial channel 8) It is unknown whether Hacchy is male or female, but this lovable creature’s favorite foods include everything round, from donuts to hamburgers and even pizza (whole, of course).

The greatest thing about Hacchy is that when you spot him or her at Odaiba New World, he/she will give you a compliment using a cue card. In example, here the cue card says “What a tiny face you have!” What would you like for Hacchy to say to you?


When the heat gets unbearable, you just might be able to see Hacchy’s shell slipping off his head.


Hacchy is also now available as a stamp on the popular app LINE. You can click on the below link to purchase them for 100 yen or just search for “Fuji TV” using the LINE app search function. The screen should look like this.


If you can’t make it to Odaiba, don’t worry. You can always see what Hacchy is up to from his/her Facebook or twitter account.

Facebook (Japanese)
twitter (Japanese)
I hope you’re having fun in the sun!

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Izakaya EXILE PARK@Odaiba New World

Aug 15, 2014

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far despite the heat wave and humidity At here in Odaiba, our annual event Odaiba New World has been going on strong since it's opened on July 19th. At Odaiba New World, there's a lot to see and do, but in my post today, I'll introduce you some of the delicious food that you can only find here at this once a year event that will surely please your taste buds!

In Doki Doki Land, Izakaya EXILE PARK, one of the main attractions of Odaiba New World. This year they returned with expanded seating capacity to welcome more guests and wider variety of original drinks and food items created by EXILE members. Not only that you can also purchase special EXILE & Odaiba New World collaboration goods for sale. This area is open later than the other areas, until 10 p.m.


I had the chance to try some of the items on the menu, and I was actually very impressed by the visual creativity and the quality of each dish!

See how great they look? The snowman on the right photo is made with graded Daikon radish. I have to say this one was my favorite

For those beer lovers, how about some Edamame to go with ice-cold beer? You can actually take home the square wooden cup as souvenir! Also the little plastic shot glass can be taken home as well.  

Each table has a signature by the members. It'd be fun to walk around and try finding signatures of your favorite members.
I recommend you go with a group of friends so you can try a little bit of many different dishes and drinks.


If you haven't visited us yet, there are still plenty more days left, so come on out for a great summer experience filled with fun shows and exciting attractions!

For more information and English area map:


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