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A very special drama series “ Nobunaga Concerto” coming up this October!

Sep 16, 2014

Today I want to introduce one of the newest drama series which is about to come on the air on Monday, October 13th.

The title of this special drama series which celebrates Fuji Television’s 55Th anniversary is “ Nobunaga Concerto”, starring a very talented actor, Shun Oguri.

What is so special about “Nobunaga Concerto” is that this is the very first collaboration of an animation, a drama series, and a movie ever delivered in the Japanese broadcasting industry . Based on the highly acclaimed comic by Ayumi Ishii, firstly, the animation version hit the air this summer, and after this drama series, there comes the big screen movie like an epic entertainment relay.

The story is about a just average young man Saburo who happens to travel through time back to the late 16th century and becomes the controversial historical hero, Nobunaga Oda ,who was a powerful samurai daimyo(feudal lord) and warlord of Japan.

Innocent Saburo faces the dilemma that he can hardly understand the virtues such as samurai spirit in an ethical view of a modern person living in the 21st century.
This drama series illustrates such Saburo’s dilemma, friendships, relationships, and finally, his determination to unify Japan near the end of the Warring States period.

The leading actor, Shun Oguri comments about participating in this project : “Nobunaga being portrayed in ‘Nobunaga Concerto’ is slightly different from the image I have had. But, since I have always wanted to act mysterious Nobunaga Oda for such a long time or at least once in a life time, when I was offered this role, I just jumped at it like ‘why not?’. My father is a history enthusiast, and after reading the comic, he even told me that this story is intriguing, which gave me a supportive push, too.”

Moreover, a very beautiful Kou
Shibasaki will act an appealing character.

Regardless whether you are an avid history fan or not, I promise there are lots of aspects you may sympathize with in this drama series.

“Nobunaga Concerto” starts on Monday, October 13th.  Just look forward to it!

Starring: Shun Oguri , Kou Shibasaki, Takayuki Yamada etc.
OA: October 13th〜 Every Monday 21:00〜
Official Site:  http://www.fujitv.co.jp/nobunaga-concerto/index.html


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