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”Public Annoucing Experience for Kids” at Odaiba New World

Sep 8, 2014

It’s been a busy summer for us here at Fuji TV with Odaiba New World as well as in terms of our CSR activities as you may have noticed through various blog entries and facebook posts. As a company, CSR has always been something that’s important; and with Tokyo being chosen to host the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic in 2020, we have launched a brand new program for kids at this year’s Odaiba New World.

Entitled as “Public Announcing Experience for Kids,” this program was implemented through collaboration between the Sales, News, CSR, as well as the International departments of Fuji Television. Not only it provides both exciting and educational experience to children of all ages, the intention behind the launch of this program is to increase Japanese children’s focus on internationalization and volunteer work by allowing them to make event-wide public announcements in both Japanese and English.

The program was held once a week during the event period of Odaiba New World, 6 times in total. In each session, 8 lucky participants between the ages of 8 to 15 who applied through the event’s official website are chosen by a completely random selection. (In the end, we received nearly 600 applicants altogether.)
Before the children make the event-wide announcement, they attend a special announcing class to learn the basics of being an announcer. The first part of the class is focused on Japanese announcement. The instructor for the Japanese announcing class is of course, one of Fuji TV’s professional announcers. Kids and their parents were both excited to meet the announcers who they are used to watching on TV screen and receive hands-on and in-person instructions from them.

Look how focused and engrossed the kids are in the activity! After a mere 40 minutes of class time, the kids’ announcements improved dramatically.
The second part is a class for announcing in English. The instructor for the English part is Mr. Nelson Babin-Coy.

If you hear him speaking, you might recognize his voice from somewhere. As a matter of fact, he is a professional musician and appears regularly on various TV shows. On top of that, he’s the narrator of the videos on our website!

Some kids were a bit shy at first when speaking in English, but Nelson-sensei sure knew how to make them feel relaxed with his cheerful, upbeat attitude and fun singing exercise accompanied by wonderful guitar performance.

After the announcing class, kids finally move down to the a special set based on a popular Fuji TV news program “Super News” located at the first floor entrance of the main Fuji TV building. This is where the kids make the public announcement that all visitors of Odaiba New World can hear.

Their announcements sounded perfectly clear and professional. In all 6 sessions of the program, it was always amazing and touching for us staff to see the progress all of the kids have shown. We hope that the predicating kids and their family members were able to take back some memorable moments with them from this experience.
A big, big round of applause to all the kids, for they truly put on a great performance!


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