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A 55-year-old’s Baby Care Diary #5

Oct 7, 2010

A 55-year-old’s Baby Care Diary #5
Dear friends.
My name is Nissy!
Do you boil and sterilize a nursing bottle in your country?    
 Japanese moms boil the bottle for 5 minutes (or microwave it or sterilize it),make milk, wait until it cools down, and then let their baby drink it.
It is said that it’s better to boil the bottle until the baby becomes 3-months old.
But I sometimes wonder if Japanese moms are too careful about their babies getting bacteria.
My wife is nervous about the nursing bottle, but she doesn’t care when Taisei licks his fingers after touching and playing with her slippers.
 No matter how much careful you are, babies become sick.

Taisei turned 5 months, something serious happened.
 He suddenly got a high fever of more than 40 degrees, severe diarrhea and  he complained of pain in his abdomen.
    We took him to the hospital and the doctor said he got rotavirus.
Rotavirus is a viral gastroenteritis which most infants get when they’re 6-months to 2-years old. But if they get it before 6-months old,they have a bigger chance of becoming seriously ill. It is the top cause of baby deaths in developing countries.
Taisei’s fever went down in 3 days but he still suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. On that day, my wife caught the virus and got a fever of 39.5 degrees. Two days later I got a fever of 39.3 degrees.
 We were having a really tough and hard time. Even if you are in good health, baby care is painstaking. Imagine us having a high fever but can’t rest in bed.
 My wife and I calmed down in 3 or 4 days, but Taisei had persistent diarrhea
The doctor said his
internal organs were worn out from his mouth to anus
  We had to dilute milk by 3 times and let him drink.
But Taisei didn’t like it and was not going to drink the diluted milk.
 Since then, we took him to the hospital a couple of times a week.
(The medical costs of babies are different depending on the district in Japan. Fortunately, Minato-ward where we are living pays a subsidyand it is all free.)
We also tried different hospitals and different medicines.

After 3 months when he turned 8 months
・・・   Can you believe it? Three months! We finally found the right medicine for him at the 4th hospital and his diarrhea stopped.
The vaccine of the rotavirus was developed recently and vaccinations take place regularly in the U.S.but we cannot receive it in Japan yet.
 It usually takes a long time for a vaccine to be authorized in Japan. For example, the vaccine of meningitis was authorizedin most counties 20 yearsago. But in Japan, it was authorized only 2 years ago, and it’s not free of charge. It can cost as much as 50,000 ~10.000 yen.
Taisei could not drink enough milk for 3 months, so he hardly grew. His height did not grow nor did his weight increase either. He is unable to grab things, not even able to crawl, and his expression has become poor and he forgot how to laugh.
We wish we could have gotten the rotavirus vaccine.
Some people say that Japan is very careful about authorizing a new vaccine because there may be somebody dying from the rejection.

 But I think more children are dying every year because they cannot get the vaccine.
I hope the day will come when all babies in the world can receive vaccines of VPD (vaccine preventable diseases).        
To be continued・・・
Have a good day,

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