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Luna Regalo - Gift from the Moon -

May 10, 2010

Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard of “Iron Chefs? “

Iron Chef (literally “Ironmen of Cooking”) is a unique cooking TV series produced by Fuji TV in the early 90’s which achieved remarkable success. The series was a stylized cooking competition featuring accomplished guest chefs challenging one of the show’s resident “Iron Chefs” in a timed cooking battle built around a specific theme ingredient. Although the series ended in 1999, the international adapted versions are still continuing on TV channels abroad.

When we hear “Iron Chefs”, we know that they are top level chefs. 
Fuji Television collaborated with Iron Chefs together with other popular young chefs to create a show called “Luna Regalo - Tsuki karano Okurimono” (“Gift from the Moon”). I was invited to the dress rehearsal a couple of days before its preview opening on April 29th.

The special venue for this show is built in an open space in Hibiya, Tokyo, and accommodates up to 400 people. It’s both a theater and a restaurant. The event offers the opportunity to enjoy first class cuisine produced by top ranking chefs while enjoying acrobatic performances from Russia’s famous Great Moscow State Circus. The show concept is that each chef is to create a dish based on the theme “moon.” Stage One runs from April to June and Stage Two runs from July to August. 

Stage One, which I enjoyed, consists of Iron Chef French, Hiroyuki Sakai, Italian cuisine specialist Hiro Yamada, Chinese cuisine specialist Kinya Komoda and patissier Aya Kakisawa. No exaggeration, but all dishes were excellent!

This is the first dish created by Chinese cuisine specialist Kinya Komada

“Steamed Chicken on a Full Moon” – with enchanted red & black sauce –
I enjoyed the mixture of various seafood wrapped inside the chicken.

The Second dish created by Italian cuisine specialist Hiro Yamada.

“That Moon in Rome” – two-colored risotto and aroma of truffles – 
My most recommended one! 

The main dish from French cuisine specialist Hiroyuki Sakai.

“The Marriage of the Moon” – Aroma-filled beef & vegetables with red wine –
 I was perfectly satisfied by then.

As for dessert, created by Aya Kakisawa, a well-known vegetable patissier.

“Colorful Vegetable Ice Cream and a Ginger Moon” 
A taste of cold ginger gives you enough freshness which is perfect for closing a dinner.

While enjoying not only food and acrobatic performances, Luna Regalo also offers guests the chance to see an enchanting screen performance by famous actor, Toshiaki Karasawa, playing the restaurant manager. And with popular musician and artist, Tatsuya Ishii, in charge of designing the performers’ wardrobe, it’s more than enough to inspire the event.

I will definitely go see Luna Regalo in July or August again to enjoy other famous chefs’ dishes!

Here is the Luna Regalo official website: (Sorry! It’s only in Japanese)

Talk to you later!

Coco xoxo

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