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Port of Tokyo Olympic Cruise

Mar 20, 2014

Hello everyone  !

The Odaiba area of Tokyo’s waterfront city and bay area where our headquarters stands is the area where the 2020 Olympics/Paralympics is planned to be held.

The other day, Fuji TV’s CSR department invited us to participate in a cruise around the port of Tokyo to tour and inspect the area with about 30 employees. Here is a report from the tour.

Unfortunately, rain began to fall on the day and we were unsure as to whether the ship would take off. Feeling uneasy about the trip, we left to board anyway.

Our ship was called Tokyomaru, and unlike ordinary sightseeing ships, there was a large table at the center that allowed for meetings.

Here is Fuji TV, our headquarters!

Rainbow Bridge.

A wharf for large container cargo.

If the weather had been gracious, we would have been able to witness the waste processing facility, warehouses, and bridge…
The port of Tokyo relates directly to our lifestyle.
It may look stark at the moment, but all these areas will be used for the Olympics/Paralympics and redevelopments are under way.

As we made our way, the rain drops gradually grew bigger and the wind blew stronger1. The ship swayed and swayed… I thought we would topple over! Needless to say, I got a little seasick. @o@

Odaiba and surrounding areas as well as Fuji TV have already steadily begun to prepare for 2020 to O-mot-e-na-shi those people who will be visiting from outside of Japan!

If you would like to learn more about the boat tour, check out the link below.

Bye  vivi

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Mes’s Figure Skating

Feb 21, 2014

Hello everyone
Tokyo has experienced heavy snowfall twice this month

Despite such weather, the men’s figure skating competition took place at the Sochi Olympics

At merely 19 years old, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu marked the highest score of 101.45 in the short program at an international skating competition. In the free program, he marked the top with a score of 178.64, winning Japan’s very first gold medal in the figure skating category

Hanyu winning the gold medal meant so much to the Japanese people. In fact, it has a special meaning behind it.

Figure skater Hanyu is from Sendai city of Miyagi prefecture, where the Great East Japan Earthquake left many victims in March of 2011. At the age of 16, Hanyu also became a victim to the disaster, spending his days sheltered away within a gymnasium. He wanted to skate
but felt that if he continued to do so, he might be running away from the reality before his eyes. His inner conflict caused him to be at a loss, struggling to find his answer day by day. His conclusion was this: to work hard every day in order to produce results that mattered. By doing so, he hoped to inspire those people who had lost many things to the disaster. Hanyu has also suffered asthma since the age of 2, and even today inhalers and medication are an essential part of his life. Due to his asthma, he cannot open his lungs to breathe deeply, and a strenuous sport like skating requires a great deal of energy that can leave one gasping for breath even if the performance itself is only for a few minutes.

In his heart though, he had always remembered those people affected by the earthquake and they were there to encourage him. This is why Hanyu’s gold medal meant so much to the people of Japan. It moved their hearts profoundly.


Japanese skaters Daisuke Takahashi whohas plans to retire this year and Tatsuki Matsuda also went on to compete in
the finals, leaving us with an outstanding performance to remember.

The mens’ free skating competition was broadcast on Fuji TV and despite the fact that it aired at 4:00am in the morning, many people watched in front of their TV sets

Next month will mark the three year anniversary of the devastating disaster. The performances by these figure skaters have left us with various emotions and a chance for us to think. Next up is the womens’ figure skating. I will be sending my good wishes to all athletes who are giving it their all to reach the top.


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Traveling the World on a Table

Jan 28, 2014

At Fuji TV’s International Department, we hold a “World Meeting” each month where we welcome guests from embassies in Tokyo to speak about their country’s culture and history as well as media affairs. The 47th World Meeting held last week was with a guest from the Russian Embassy.     http://www.fujitv.co.jp/en/worldmeeting.html

Since two years ago, I’ve been going to a cooking school as a hobby and it just so happened that on this week, a friend who is a cooking specialist was teaching a class on Russian cooking. I attended the class without hesitation.

☆Ukrainian Borscht
In Japan, beets are not so easy to come across at the supermarket and because it seemed difficult to prepare, I’d only had Borscht in
restaurants. However, although the blood draining and simmering of meat for it to become tender takes time, the cooking process itself was unexpectedly extremely simple. 

☆Mushroom in Jelly

Only mushroom broth and salt are used to flavor this dish. But it has a strong condensed flavor and because it is a cool dish, one can enjoy it refreshingly. 

☆Glorious Salmon and Dill Russian Pie
This is the main dish for this course meal. It takes a bit of time to leaven the dough and to bake it, but the pie is rather effortless to make like the Borscht. As the filling was salmon, we decided to shape it in the form of a fish. Each fish embodies each person’s character so it must be fun to make with children, family and/or friends!

☆Pavlova Cake for a Ballerina〜A low calorie decorative cake
This one was simple too, although you have to grasp the timing in which to mix the egg whites and sugar. By baking it in the oven, the crust becomes crunchy. We substituted yogurt for fresh cream. The sweetness is subtle and with the tartness of yuzu, strawberries and blueberries, you can easily eat a few of these babies!

In the beginning, everyone was shy due to meeting for the first time, but as we worked together cooperatively, we came to know each other better and in the end, we were laughing together like children  .
The class was highly enjoyable and it was also interesting to learn about the culture and history behind the country’s cooking and dining table traditions. When you’re caught up with work or daily errands and have no time to travel, cooking dishes from a foreign country is a great way to travel the world 


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Oct 18, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Today I’d like to introduce to you the movie “SAY YES” due out in theaters across Japan from October 19th, 2014.
“SAY YES” was originally a drama that aired on Fuji TV in 1991, which achieved a viewer ratings high of 36.7 percent. It captured their hearts with the memorable scene and line “I won’t die. I’m not going to die! I will not die because I love you. I’ll make you happy!” 22 years later, this line is so famous that there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of it before.
As for the storyline, simply put, is about an ordinary white collar worker Tatsuro Hoshino, who has failed exactly 99 matchmaking dates. He meets a beautiful cello player Kaoru Yabuki by chance and falls in love. The two live in contrasting worlds but gradually, Kaoru is drawn to him observing his honest and sincere personality…

The Chinese remake version of this drama was turned into a movie and released in China this February. The film garnered 440,000 viewers in a single day, with a final box-office revenue of 30 billion yen and 6.6 million viewers. 

This record-breaking hit now arrives in Japan, bringing along leading actress Lin Chi-ling for its promotion.

In the film, there is a scene where Tetsuya Takeda, the lead actor in the original drama appears. This time, the two met in Tokyo, appearing together at press events for TV, magazines and web.

These days, it’s easy to judge a person by his or her qualifications. What is most important in loving a partner whether it’s love or marriage? The story tells us the importance of close friends and family, through various forms of love. Remaining true to the original Japanese story and keeping the essence alive, modern day China and Shaghai as well as beautiful landscapes are carefully projected on screen. Please go see it if you have a chance!!

More information on “SAY YES” (Japanese)
byebye     vivi

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The Old Shanghai Jazz Band

Sep 20, 2013

Hello Everyone  !
Today I’d like to report back from a live concert I recently went to. The band is called the Old Shanghai Jazz Band, a new band formed by singer amin from Shanghai, who is known for her sweet but cool voice, having accomplished a wide range of musical achievements such as the theme song/original song for the movie “Power Office Girls (1998)”, opening song for “Journey to the West (2007)”, Suntory Oolong tea’s commercial theme song, and many more including appearances in Fuji TV’s music programs.

This jazz band was formed in 2012, when producer Mr. Gonzales Suzuki called upon its members: singer amin who gained her top idol status in Shanghai during her teens, Blue Moon Quartet member and trumpeter with roots in Shanghai Huang “koo” Qi-jie, tap dancer SUJI (Yuji Uragami) and guitar player Hiroyuki Tominaga as a key member.


Centered on traditional to pre-war jazz songs from Japan, their music is suggestive of the golden age of Shanghai from the 1920-30’s. With a unique one-of-a-kind performance incorporating theatrical elements, the band is actively touring Asia such as China, Taiwan and Japan.

Even if you don’t speak Chinese, their musical performance is one that allures audiences into its distinct style, connecting each person’s hearts together as one.
This is “Shanghai Rose~上海玫瑰”, a compilation CD that was released this year.
Here is Old Shanghai Jazz Band’s Facebook account.

I hope you will have a chance to see them live sometime!

bye  vivi

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