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Au Revoir But Not Adieu

Sep 19, 2014

Hi everyone!
We are a little sad to say this but we wanted to let you know that, for the time being, we are no longer going to post new entries on this blog. Instead, our facebook page will be updated more regularly and frequently with our latest news, tidbits and snippets of the behind-the-scenes stories no one but only Fuji TV staff and employees can tell. This blog and all of its content are not going anywhere, so if you wish you may reach the blog from Fuji TV’s English website in the archive section with other contents from the past.
Please let us take this opportunity to mention that we greatly appreciate for your continuous readership and support all through the years. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading out posts as much as we enjoy posting them, and we also hope that you’ll continue to visit us on facebook as well as our website so that you can keep on top of all the great things we’re up to!

A big thank you once again to all our wonderful readers. See you again on our facebook/website!


With much love,
from all of us at the International Department, Fuji TV

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The Employees’ Cafeteria at Odaiba New World

Aug 22, 2014

There’s only a few more remaining days of summer vacation, but I hope you’ve been enjoying it to the fullest while it’s still here. Our annual summer event Odaiba New World is still going on strong and has been attracting many guests. The event will end on August 31, so now we are putting out our last spurt toward the final day. If you haven’t had the chance to visit us yet so far, please come by and say hello!
As you know, Odaiba New World is filled with a variety of fun exciting games, entertaining events, and live stage performances. After you explore all the entertainment and excitement with these attractions, it’s time to enjoy another type of fun: food!
As introduced in the previous posts, there’s an outside dining area on the premise our headquarters buildings with an assortment of food stalls offering a variety of traditional regional dishes around Japan. Also, located at Doki Doki Island is Izakaya Exile Park where you can enjoy a mouth-watering selection of delicious food and drinks. But actually there’s one more place I highly recommend for you to check out; and that is…the Employees' Cafeteria on the 18th floor of our headquarters!
As the name suggests, the cafeteria is usually open only to staff and employees of Fuji Television. However, on Saturdays and Sundays during the event period, it’s open to all visitors of Odaiba New World. This spacious cafeteria can seat as many as 178 people, and its most attractive feature is the panoramic view which I can say is one of the best amongst the most spectacular views of Tokyo. You will be able to admire the breathtaking views of the Rainbow Bridge spanning Tokyo Bay, both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, not to mention the Tokyo skyline itself and back.


The meal plan menu features 3 selections that you can choose from: Omlette with a filling of herb chicken and rice, Spicy pilaf with beef ribs; and Beef braised in red wine with buttered rice. They are 880 yen each. In addition, they also provide tasty desserts such as soft-served ice cream.


Offering hearty delicious meals with magnificent views, the Employees’ Cafeteria can satisfy both your eyes and palate. So I hope you’ll come check it out with your friends, family and loved ones for a memorable dining experience.
* Open Days:  Saturday Aug. 23
                      Sunday, Aug. 24
                      Saturday, August 30
                      Sunday, August 31
* Open Hours: 9:00am – last orders at 5pm


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A Beach Just an Hour Away From the Heart of Tokyo

Aug 8, 2014

Hi Friends,

These days, the temperature in Tokyo exceeds 30 degrees Celsius every day. Needless to say, the fierce summer heat makes us reluctant to go to work or to stay at home on the days off. But going outdoor would be even hotter than the indoors... At times like these, there’s only one place to be – the ocean! Hence we headed to a beach near Tokyo, accessible by car with just 1-hour drive.

This day we visited Miura Beach in Kanagawa prefecture. Miura Beach is a long stretch of sandy beach situated in the southeast part of Miura Peninsula and facing the Uraga Channel (Uraga-suidō), a waterway connecting Tokyo Bay to the Sagami Gulf. Due to its proximity to Tokyo, a day trip visit is very possible and you can fully enjoy summer beach fun.

On the opposite shore, you can see the Boso Penisula.
There were about 5 "umi no ie," or temporary beach house.




At one umi no ie, they offered not only cold drinks but also variety of snacks and light meals including Oden (various ingredients such as boiled eggs and daikon radish stewed in a light soy flavored soup), grilled squid, corn on the cob, frankfurters, etc. Obviously these are all hot-served food. Oden especially is a dish that's traditionally eaten at home During the cold winter season. These combinations of “eating hot-served food with cold beers” are somewhat similar to the combination of "cool waves in the hot sun," don't you think?

The scorning summer heatwaves are here to stay, so how about spending some time relaxing on the beach and let the ocean waves cool you off?


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Visiting The Hakone Open-air Museum

May 30, 2014

During the consecutive holidays, I visited The Hakone Open-air Museum in Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture. This museum, which extends to a vast 70,000u is encircled by Hakone’s magnificent mountains, is known as Japan’s first open-air museum. This grand work of art is a proud asset of our holding company, Fuji Media Holdings and it is utilized as a place for employee training every so often.


When you enter from the entrance, “Man and Pegasus” (by Swedish-Ameican artist・Carl Milles) stands high in the sky.


These are the four statues that symbolize “Freedom” “Victory” “Power” and “Eloquence” (by French sculptor  Emile-Antoine Bourdelle.)


Here, you can find many art pieces that doubles as a children’s playground too. This one is “Curved Space – Diamond Structure”(by American artist Peter Jon Pearce) Once the children take off their shoes to enter the transparent tunnel, don’t expect them to return for a long while.


This is “Woods Of Net.”


Inside, there are these colorful giant nets that are stretched out from above. The children are overcome with joy here too.


This is “Floating Sculpture 3” (by Hungarian-French artist・Marta Pan.)


As the title suggests, the sculpture is daringly shaped, floating above the pond. However, it seems like the visitors are enjoying feeding the koi fish instead of appreciating the art?


This is a maze made of flower beds. It’s hard to escape once you get lost inside.


In other areas…
“Grande Racconto” (by Italian artist・Giuliano Vangi)


“Intersecting Space Construction” (by Japanese artist・Ryoji Goto)


“Sixteen Turning Sticks” (by Japanese artist ・Takamichi Ito)


When you visit Japan, please make a trip out to Hakone to enjoy this wonderful museum if you get a chance. Your entire family will be able to enjoy the experience!



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“Alice in Wonderland”-themed Restaurant

May 13, 2014

The beloved children’s classic “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” has captured the hearts of millions of girls. In Japan, there are themed-restaurants based on this British fantasy tale. There are a total of six branches of such dining establishment in Tokyo as well as in Osaka, and I recently visited the one located in Shibuya.
Inside is literally the world of wonder and fantasy. Throughout the restaurant, you find various photos and statues of the characters such as lice and White Rabbit.

All waitresses here are dressed in Alice costumes. Each of them is assigned to a certain table for service, and this cute Alice here was our waitress. Apparently, customers can purchase the same types of outfits that all of these lovely waitresses are wearing.

There’s even a special waitress dressed as White Rabbit. Her eyes were actually red like a real rabbit, which surprised my 6-year-old daughter.

They also offer menu and dishes that are also truly special. The menu is uniquely shaped like a clock which is designed to let you forget the time.


My most favorite dish was this: Its name is “Cheshire Cat’s Special Spaghetti with Beef Ragù Sauce.” It tasted quite delicious too.

The restaurant was crowded with families with children, female diners, and young couples. Making reservation early in advance is a must as the restaurant is quite popular. I went with two other ladies --my daughter and my mom. All three of us really enjoyed the experience and left the restaurant feeling very happy as if we were enchanted by a special magic.

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