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Odaiba New World is Now Open!

Jul 22, 2014

Dear Friends,

Fuji TV’s annual summer event has started again this year.
This year marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Fuji TV. To commemorate this special occasion, the event has been renamed to “Odaiba New World,” and it is now more exciting and more powerful than ever before.


As Tokyo being chosen as the host of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, a lot of events are planned to take place right here on the grounds of Odaiba. Looking towards the future, Odaiba aims to transform itself into an international and cosmopolitan city, and Fuji TV will put forth every effort to further liven up and make the area more vibrant.
2014 Odaiba New World is packed with a variety of games based on our popular TV shows, numerous live events, and some of the most innovative attractions that you’ve never seen before or you can experience only at this event.
Odaiba New World consists of 3 areas including Fuji TV Headquarters building, Central Plaza, and Doki Doki Land.
Today I will introduce you some of the highlights of this year’s event that are fun and enjoyable to people visiting Japan from overseas.
At Fuji Television’s spherical observation room, you can experience the world of “Run for Money” and “Battle for Money.” Come to experience the thrill and excitement of these two extremely popular shows both in Japan and around the world.


Located on the first floor is the “The New World Live Stage.” It features entertaining live stages including Piihyara Dance by Fuji TV announcers and Idoling!!! Live.


Right near the stage you’ll find an array of food stalls serving delicious local dishes from various prefectures around Japan.


From variety show “High Noon TV Viking!” comes a dragnet fishing attraction as seen on the show. You just might get lucky to find the golden fish that you can exchange for a special prize!


Izakaya, or restaurant EXILE returns again this year full of delicious foods and stage entertainment. Taste the delectable special menu items created by members of EXILE while enjoying various events on stage. Open daily until 10 p.m.


Massively popular anime/manga series “One Piece” comes to life before your very own eyes at this spectacular 3D hologram theater, where the Straw Hat Pirates invite you to an adventure you’ve never experienced before.


“Mecha Ike” returns again! This year’s theme is “Empty Lot.” What’s it all about? You just have to come see it for yourself and find out. Mecha-Ike’s empty lot will surprise you with numerous amusements created by Mecha-Ike members.


These are only a few of what we have to offer, and there are a lot more attractions I want to show you from Odaiba New World, but I’ll stop here for now. Our other bloggers will be introducing them subsequently.
Odaiba New World is until August 31st. Come join us in on all the fun and excitement for yourself!

Coco xoxo

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Raising Silkworm

Jul 4, 2014

Dear Friends,
At the end of May, a silkworm larva that’s about 2cm came to my house. As an adult, I hadn’t seen a larva in quite a while, so when I first saw it I let out an involuntary screech.

In Japan, third grade students keep and observe the development of silkworm larvae as a science class activity.
Come to think of it, I myself have an experience of keeping silkworm larvae when I was in elementary school. After taking care of them for a while, they started to grow on me and their faces started to look cute to me. I remember keeping several silkworms and I took a very good care of my beloved little fellas.

Back in my school days, I used to feed them fresh mulberry leaves, but the food for the larva that my daughter brought home was a condensed mulberry leaves that looked like a chunk of clay. Apparently, once silkworm larvae eat real mulberry leaves, they would refuse going back to eating this clay-like food. So as soon as we ran out, my daughter would bring back new ones from school.

Our little larva, which was about 2cm in the beginning, grew bigger and bigger with each passing day. It surprised me how quickly it grew.
One day it stopped eating and didn’t move for a while. My daughter and I got worried and thought, “What happened? Did he die?” But then we realized that it was now preparing itself for molting. In the silkworm life cycle, larvae go through four molting phases as they grow, with each phase lasting for about 20 days.

Finally it was time for our larva to spin a cocoon. We were advised to put an empty snack cracker box or a toilet paper tube as a support material for its cocooning, so we left a toilet paper tube inside the container. A few days later, the larva has turned itself into a beautiful cocoon! It was actually truly amazing!!

Inside the cocoon, the larva will transform itself into a chrysalis; and 41 days later, it will come out from the cocoon as a fully developed silkworm.


Once we soak the cocoon in boiling water, we’ll be able to extract glossy beautiful threads.
We are anxiously waiting for another silkworm to hatch soon and hoping it will lay many eggs.
 Coco xoxo


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Smiles of Sunflowers

Jun 10, 2014

Dear Friends,
Can you guess what these are?

There are sunflower seeds that have just arrived from Fukushima.
Surprised to see them in blue?  Well, that's because they are colored with fertilizers.
This is for a project that is called “Smiles of Sunflowers.”
Fuji Television has decided to plant 3,000 sunflower seeds this summer for our summer event called “New World”. We will plant and grow them on the roof garden of Wangan Studio before moving them to the venue of “New World.” A certain area in “New World” will be fully covered in yellow with 3,000 sunflowers!!!



Once they produce new seeds, we will collect them and return them to Fukushima to reuse the seeds to grow more sunflowers or use them for eco-friendly biofuel.
We will ask celebrities to participate in this project and will cover the event on TV.
We also plan to do outside weather reports and so on, thus you will be informed on how they are growing.
This picture was taken on May 30th.
At that time, it was 50 days prior to the opening of “New World.”

More information and details on “New World” will be updated soon on our website. So please check it out!
Coco xoxo

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Enjoy Izu-Kogen

May 16, 2014

Dear Friends,

I often go to Izu-Kogen on holidays. Izu-Kogen is situated on the east side of the Izu Peninsula where you can find plenty of nature to enjoy both in the mountains and along the sea. It is also known for its hot springs.

Every time I go there, I always stop by Kenny’s House for their famous milk ice-cream!!

Also, sushi is something that you should never miss!!
Sushi Hanamaru is my recommendation.

If you love fish, you have to go for Kinmedai!! Most fresh Kinmedai is harvested in the Izu area. You can enjoy it as sashimi but I recommend you to try Kinmedai shabu-shabu!!

Boiled Kinmedai in sake soy sauce is also delicious.

As for amusement facilities, Granpal Koen is fun to visit!

This balloon-on-water ride was just shown on and broadcasted in Fuji TV’s popular program, Terrace House. Thus, there were many young couples waiting in the long line…Maybe it's better if you waited a while until it’s settled…

Hope my information helps your travel plan to Izu-Kogen.

Coco xoxo

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World Meeting Party

Mar 28, 2014

Hi Friends,

At Fuji TV’s International Department, we are hosting monthly in-house seminars called “World Meeting.” This month marks the 49th World Meeting since it commenced 5 years ago. We have been fortunate to have many fantastic guest speakers from embassies in Tokyo who have provided us with the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures in depth.Every year in spring, we hold a get-together party with our guest speakers called “World Meeting Party,” and this year's was held just yesterday.

The theme of this year's party was Mt. Fuji as it was recognized as a World Heritage Site last year. Coincidentally, Fuji TV shares the same name!


We exhibited Mt. Fuji paintings drawn by Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese painter and printmaker from the Edo Period. Hokusai is most famous for his series of prints called "Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji" (produced during the period 1826-1833). One of these views, "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa," has become a modern-day icon. Hokusai's seemingly timeless images are almost 200 years old. 

This is the so-called Mt. Fuji Glass which we gave our guests as an “Omiyage.” The glass is shaped like a mountain representing Mt. Fuji. When you pour beer, the white yeast represents the snow on top of the mountain.

It was our pleasure of meeting, knowing better and sharing precious time together with our friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the guests for coming to the party again this year.





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